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Welcome to Our web shop! The seller of goods is Styleholics OÜ, address Põldmarja 25 Tartu 50411 Estonia, registry code 11202882, e-mail address The parties to this agreement are Styleholics OÜ (hereinafter referred to as “the Seller”) and the customer (hereinafter “the Customer”) that have confirmed the agreement as described below.  By visiting the Little Dutch web shop, placing an order for the purchase of merchandise from Little Dutch, the Customer is agreeing that such order for a purchase is bound by the terms & conditions set forth herein. If the Customer visits our web shop within this website, he accepts these conditions. Please review our 'Terms & Conditions', which also governs the Customer’s visit to our website, to understand our practices.

The Seller has the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions, publishing the new ones on the website For the moment when order was made, stand the rules and prices what are written on the website.

In addition to these conditions, the legal relationships that arise when products are bought from the online store, are also regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


1. Making a purchase

1.1 The Customer selects a product and adds it into the shopping cart.

1.2 It is possible to add, modify and delete products that already are in the shopping cart.

1.3 For making an order, the Customer click’s on the button 'Order' and enters the required data.

1.4 The Customer is obligated to provide necessary and correct information when the order is placed. If the Customer provides incorrect information, The Seller shall not be liable for the consequences arising from this.

1.5 In the next step the Customer has to select the suitable transport and confirm it by clicking on 'Submit Order'.

1.6 The Customer is directed to the payment method of choice.

1.7 For confirming the order the Seller will send an e-mail to the Customer, including the invoice.

1.8 Sale/purchase contract between the Seller and the Customer will become effective after the money has transferred to the Sellers bank account.

1.9 If the Customer has made the transaction but the goods cannot be outfit, the Seller shall refund the purchase price of the product(s) within 14 days.


2. Prices and paying for the order

2.1 All prices displayed in the Little Dutch online store are given in euros and include VAT.

2.2 The Customer can find the prices of the products on the product page.

2.3 The Customer pays fully for the order and delivery in advance. Payment takes place in a secure environment outside the e-store - bank payment corresponding to the bank in a secure environment. The Seller has no access to the Customer's bank data.

2.4 A postal service fee, picked by the Customer during buying process, will be added to product price. 

2.5 The Customer can pay for the order using Swedbank or SEB Bank services.

2.6 If the Customer do not own a bank account in Estonia, she/he can finalize the order and the time when the system will direct the Customer to make a payment, she/he has to stop the process. The Seller can see the order and as soon as possible, will send the invoice to the Customer for making the payment.

2.7 There may be added costs of service according to the Customer's bank or credit card issuer.


3. Shipping

3.1 We will ship to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

3.2 For delivering the products, we use Omniva and Itella SmartPOST parcel terminal services.

3.3 If the Customer would like to use shipping services offered by other providers outside the Seller’s web shop, please contact with us via e-mail

3.4 Depending on the destination of the product, shipping costs will be added depending on the Customer's choice of delivery method and the size of the parcel.

3.5 The Seller will post the parcel within 1-3 working days beginning from the date of the Customer’s order. 

3.6 Using Omniva and Itella SmartPOST services, the Customer will receive an SMS message with the information of chosen terminal and the door code, when the parcel has reached to its destination. 

3.7 Choosing Itella SmartPOST services the Customer can track hers/his order through Itella Courier Shipments.

3.8 Choosing Omniva services, the Customer can track hers/his order through UPU International Courier Service internet site.

3.9 If the Client uses Omniva or Itella SmartPOST shipping service inside the Estonia and makes order which value is 50€ or more the shipping is FREE!

3.10 If the Client uses Omniva or Itella SmartPOST shipping service in Finland, Latvia or Lithuania and makes an order which value is 100€ or more the shipping is FREE!

3.11 In Estonia all orders above 50€, shipping fee values from the service the Client chooses - using SmartPOST 3.62€ and using Omniva 3.47€.

3.12 In Latvia and Lithuania Customers who’s parcel value stays under 100€ using Omniva shipping service, charges of the shipping are following – Latvia 7.99€ and Lithuania 8.99€.

3.13 Using Omniva or Itella SmartPOST service in Estonia, products will reach to their destination within 2-5, in Finland, Latvia or Lithuania 2-8 business days from the order.

3.14 If a Customer wishes to order a product, which store current status is 'sold out', then the order delivery time is longer. Product delivery time from Holland to Estonia may take 6-10 working days + delivery time inside Estonia. Information about goods inventory is displayed on the product page (if the goods are out of stock 'delivery time: 6-10 workdays'), as well as in the Customer's shopping cart.

3.15 If the Customer would like to order package from outside Europe Union countries, please contact us via e-mail


4. Commodity inspection

4.1 When the Customer receives the package she/he will open the package carefully without damaging the packet from the product and product itself. If the Customer has damaged the packaging or the product itself, she/he cannot return of goods in compensation. In the case if the Customer cannot open the package without damaging the product package, she/he is not responsible for damaged packaging.

4.2 If the Customer detects that she/he has received defective items or goods do not arrive to the Customer in good condition and in a sealed container, the Customer should immediately contact with the Seller via e-mail

4.3 The Seller is responsible for the goods, purchased by the Customer, till the moment when package reaches to the possession, offered by the postal service. When the Client receives the package, she/he is responsible for damage or loss of the package.


5. Client privacy rights

5.1 The Seller understands the importance of protecting our Customer’s privacy and security. The Seller uses the Customer's personal data and data which is given by the Customer during the purchases, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The Seller will not pass the Customer's personal data to third parties other than postal or courier service provider, which is necessary to ship the parcel to the Customer. 

5.2 The Seller has no access to the Customer's bank data.


6. Right of cancellation, return and exchange policy

6.1 The Seller will accept only unwashed, unworn or defective merchandise, with the original sales receipt/packing slip and price tags attached. Product in damaged package or damaged product cannot be returned. The foregoing does not apply only to the defective product. In the case of returns or exchanges, the Customer is obligated to fill out the exchange and return form that you can find HERE, and send it back to the Seller. Returns are only accepted with a completed form of withdrawal. Please sent it to us via e-mail

6.2 The Customer has the right to exchange or return their ordered product within 14 days. 

6.3 Deadline of withdrawal will be counted from the day when the goods reach in the possession of the Customer.

6.4 The Seller will not cover the delivery costs of returns.

6.5 The returned product(s) must be posted to address: Styleholics OÜ, Põldmarja 25, 50411 Tartu, Estonia. If the Customer wishes to return the goods using SmartPOST parcel terminal, the parcel must be posted to Lõunakeskus Rimi SmartPOST parcel terminal using telephone number (+372) 58581272. If the Customer wishes to return the goods using Omniva parcel terminal, the parcel must be posted to Lõunakeskus parcel terminal using the telephone number 58581278.

6.6 The Seller shall refund the purchase price of the product within 14 days after receiving the parcel. The money is refunded to the same bank account from which the Customer paid for the corresponding order.

6.7 The product that is to be replaced or returned cannot be damaged or have any signs of having been used, it must be in its original packaging and all original tags must be attached to the product. Otherwise the Seller has the right to refuse to take back the goods.


7. Claims procedure

7.1 The Seller is responsible for the defects of the goods, resulting from the manufacturer, within 2 months from the purchase date.

7.2 The Customer is bound to inform the Seller of lack of conformity of the product, not later than two months after its discovery, to submit a claim.

7.3 The Seller takes no responsibility for incorrect data that Client has given or damages arising from the abnormal use of the products or for delays if they are due to circumstances the Seller could not affect and/or are conditioned by force majeure.

7.4 The Seller is not responsible for the damages that are caused by the Clients inappropriate use.

7.5 The Seller is not responsible for the damages caused by post service during the delivery process. If the package, that the Customer has received, is damaged then please contact with the Seller immediately via e-mail


8. Settlement of Disputes

8.1 It is really important to us that the Customers experience during visiting our web shop and making purchase, would be only positive. So also rightly critical Customer feedback is always welcomed via e-mail address

8.2 All the problems are solved through negotiations, the easiest way is to give us a call (+372) 58581278 or send an e-mail  The Customer has the right to refer to the Consumer Protection Office (NCPC 2 Tallinn 10130) and Consumer Disputes Commitee (NCPC 2 Tallinn 10130) dispute out of court settlement or the Harju County Court. In addition all Customers can resolve complaints, arisen with the Seller, through the European Union electronic environment - the ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution or online dispute resolution).