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Wooden scooter 'Mint'

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Toddlers love toys like scooters. This wooden balance scooter is a perfect gift for Your child and it will grow with Your child as they grow and develop. Balance bikes are the second step towards riding a pedal bike age of 5-6 years. They will teach kids as young as 18-months to balance on two wheels. With the skills learned from a balance bike, riders as young a 3 years old transition straight to a regular kids bike without the assistance of training wheels. 

Scooter saddle can be adjusted to different heights: 31 cm; 33 cm; 35 cm

All Little Dutch wooden toys are made from high quality wood and used paint is tested, non-toxic, allergy free. 

Measurements: 82x37x58 cm

Material: wood

Wheels: EVA + plastic (the wheels do not rumble)

Care instructions: clean with damp cloth

Age recommendation: 24+ months

Max weight: 30 kg

Scooter weights: 4,850 kg

NB! Dear customers. If You order balance scooter please select Omniva as service provider, because unfortunally scooter does not fit to the Itella SmartPost parcel terminal. Thank You!

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