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Gift set 'Little New Adventurer', White Leaves

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Little Dutch and Linea MammaBaby have come up with great gift sets that contain essential products for life. The 'Little New Adventurer' gift set includes the following products:

1. Little Dutch small basket 'White Leaves', 15 x 15 x 15 cm - no more nappies, tubes and bottles lying around: this Little Dutch baby storage basket will help you keep your dresser nicely clean and organised! This baby storage basket has a beautiful finishing and has room for all the products you need in the daily care for your baby. As most of our products, all storage baskets consist of a combination of two patterns. This creates a playful effect when you fold the edge.

2. Little Dutch hooded towel 'White Leaves', 75 x 75 cm - the hooded towel can be used as a towel or wrap and is made of a thick quality terry cloth. This keeps your little one comfy and warm after a bath.

3. Linea MammaBaby Sweet Almond Oil 'A BALL', 100 ml - thanks to the sweet almonds – cold-squeezed and processed without solvents – Olio di Mandorle Dolci is the best for your natural wellness. It is emollient and refreshing. It is particularly suitable for cleansing and massaging babies and for the most delicate types of skin. It helps to moisturize and protect. Shelf life 12 months after opening.

4. Linea MammaBaby Panthenol Cream, 5 x 30g - thanks to Vitamin B5, our Crema Pantenolo Baby protect from rubbings and from irritation due to the continued contact with the diaper. Helps the ordinary regeneration of the skin, stimulating its renewal. Pantothenate is one of the most performing moisturizing agents, with its excellent water retention it helps keeping the skin soft and elastic. Shelf life 12 months after opening.

5. Linea MammaBaby Baby Wipes, 500 ml - carefully made to gently cleanse the skin of the baby, enriched with vegetable oil, almond oil, aloe, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5). Physiological pH. Shelf life 12 months after opening.


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